Watch the Gage Towers implosion – VIDEO

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gageMANKATO, MINNESOTA – The two towers of a high-rise dormitory at Minnesota State University-Mankato came down this weekend.  

The 12-story towers of the Gage Residence Community were imploded at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, after a speech from the university’s president, Richard Davenport.

The site will be redeveloped for parking. Two new buildings have already replaced the dormitory after the university decided it was cheaper to build new, more modern on-campus housing than rehabilitate the old complex. It was no illusion Saturday when Mankato’s tallest buildings disappeared into dust and rubble in a few blinks of the eye.



“Wow,” “Pretty impressive,” and “I could actually feel those blasts” were the typical reactions of thousands at Minnesota State University when the 12-story twin towers of Gage dormitories were imploded with dynamite.

Let the record show that from the start of the blasting sequence it took 12.23 seconds for Gage Towers to become 3-story piles of rubble.

Dore & Associates of Bay City, Michigan is handling the demolition and our own Herb Duane is the demolition consultant on this project.