Watch implosion of Sunoco crude oil fractionator – VIDEO

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WESTVILLE,  NEW JERSEY – A large plume of smoke rose on the outskirts of Route 130 as three structures were imploded at the Sunoco Eagle Point Refinery Saturday morning.

There wasn’t much fanfare surrounding the controlled implosion of the refinery’s crude oil-converting fractionator, which was built in 1949, one tower and one chimney.

The early morning explosion was an oddly eerie sight, with no sirens or warnings blaring in the background and no countdown to signify the demolition.

All that could be heard was two large bangs from far off in the distance, which sounded as if a person had fired two shotgun shells into the air.

Saturday’s implosions were the last of a series of demolitions at the Eagle Point site, which has not been operating as an refinery since 2009.

According to the communications manager at Sunoco, Jeffrey Shields, the blast was part of a plan to break down proccessing units that were used to refine crude oil into gasoline at the site.

“It’s part of a 2 1/2-year demolition of the refinery assets there, which started in November 2011,” Shields said on Friday. “This will be one of the last pieces in the plan to break down all the processing units that were used to refine crude oil into gasoline.

NCM Group is the demolition contractor and Controlled Demolition, Inc. is the implosion contractor.