Watch the former Xerox/ACS building in Dallas implode

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DALLAS, TEXAS – The Sunday-morning implosion of the Xerox/ACS building executed by Lindamood Demolition and Controlled Demolition, Inc., went off as planned, with a huge tan plume of smoke and a volume that viewers found to be louder than expected.

The building was imploded in preparation for a controversial Sam’s Club that Trammell Crow plans to build at the corner of 75 and Haskell Avenue. All transportation channels, including the adjacent freeway and DART trains, were shut down 30 minutes before the implosion fired, to keep the area clear.

The implosion was well-covered by local media, including helicopters. Spectators toting umbrellas in the morning mist formed watching parties at parking lots around the periphery and whooped as if they were at a football game after the building fell. About a dozen charges could be heard exploding, and the easternmost side of the building collapsed first.

Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition, Inc., said the company structured the implosion for the weaker, lighter top floors to fall onto the heavier concrete base. That’s why you see in the video the northwest side of the building fall over into the rubble pile instead of straight down.

“It’s a very interesting building,” Loizeaux said. “We restricted our explosives to the lower concrete floors of the building.”

The building was already stripped of most materials, all that came down was concrete and iron, all of which will be recycled. Loizeaux also said the implosion caused less vibration than originally anticipated.