Video of area silo demolition catches national attention

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OSSEO, WI – What was supposed to be a quick demolition of an old silo, ended up being a massive mess for an Osseo family, and it was all caught on camera.

Long-time Osseo residents, Leona Torpen and her husband, Rick, are no strangers to the sight of a silo demolition on their property.

Leona said, “We had the same gentleman take down a silo about a year ago. And, everything went according to plan. He notched the bottom, and it fell exactly where it was supposed to go.”

In June, they planned for a second silo to be taken down, located just two miles away from their house. But, things didn’t go according to the plan.

Leona said, “It went backwards instead of forwards of where it was supposed to go. It was somewhat shocking. I couldn’t say a word. In the video, the first time, I was at a lost for words. Let’s put it that way. It was very shocking.”

And, not a second of it was missed. The destruction was all caught on camera.

Leona said, “After I had caught my breath and realized what had actually happened, and I thought, this might be something that somebody else might want to see. And, I looked at it many times and didn’t realize…I couldn’t’ believe even to this day when I look at the video. I couldn’t believe it.

The Torpen’s said the barn was being used to store hay. No animals were inside, and no one was hurt. The video will air on America’s Funniest Home Videos on Sunday night!