Steel Mill Demolition Underway

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MINGO JUNCTION, OHIO – As the once roaring Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel mill enters its fifth year of silence, steelworkers and government officials maintain hope for a restart – even as the facility’s current owner demolishes its older portions.

The Mingo facility, the largest of the former Wheeling-Pitt. plants, still contains the modern $115 million electric arc furnace installed in 2004. However, workers have not produced any steel at the plant since its 2009 idling while under the ownership of OAO Severstal.

Due to RG Steel’s 2012 bankruptcy, Buffalo, N.Y.-based Frontier Industrial purchased the entire Mingo facility – including its electric arc furnace – for just $20 million. Last year, Frontier branded the closed mill as the “Mingo Junction Steel Works.”

“We do speak with Frontier representatives on a regular basis,” said Mingo Junction Village Administrator Steve Maguschak. “They have obtained demolition permits for the older sections of the mill.”

On a Thursday visit to the site, workers could be seen demolishing portions of the north side of the plant. According to Frontier’s website, the company specializes in “dismantling, industrial gutting, plant stripouts and scrap metals recycling …”