Metrodome Demolition Begins – VIDEO

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MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – It’s a milestone week in the demolition of the Metrodome.

You can now see through some of the exterior walls. Crews have knocked out parts of the upper deck on the northeast side.

It’s a meticulous process, bringing down a stadium that used to have the nickname ThunderDome. Now, all the decibels are coming from heavy machinery, smashing steel and concrete.. section by section.

Allen Troshinsky, Director of Operations Mortenson Construction’s Sports Group says, “So as the weeks progress, you’ll see coming out of that northeast corner, the hole in the building opening up and working its way in two directions both clockwise and counter-clockwise.”

It would’ve caused too much dust and vibration to the rest of downtown, to blow it up with explosives. So crews are using a wrecking ball and an extended tool called a “muncher” to take it apart.

Crews are on schedule, despite the cold. But they’re hoping for an extended warmup. At the same time the Dome comes down, construction on the new stadium is well underway.