MCM implodes 225 ft tall BOF Shop at Sparrows Point – VIDEO

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SPARROWS POINT, MARYLAND – We received this picture and video from Stephen SetteDucati, Marketing + Media Manager, MCM Management Corp., Michigan.

MCM has the contract to demolish the former Sparrows Point steel plant. Probably the largest demolition project in the U.S. if not the world.

The enclosed is our recent video of CDI’s explosive demolition of Sparrows Point Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF Shop) on March 28th, 2014.

Structure was Basic Oxygen Furnace. The Open Hearth was attached to it to the west and the Slab Caster (still standing) was attached to the north.

Two cameras were mounted inside the building for some ‘once in a lifetime’ views. Although it took us a few days to retrieve them, once located, they were unharmed and intact.

Built around 1964 when Bethlehem Steel changed over from Bessemer process. Height of building 225 ft. 10,000 tons of scrap yield. CDI had us remove everything below 40-50 feet. Our burners did all structural precuts.

This is amazing video and we thank Stephen for sharing it with us.