Man filming demolition killed by debris – VIDEO

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RUSSIA –  Eugene Titov, 29, was recording the destruction of an old home in western Russia’s Lipetsk Oblast on Sunday when he was fatally struck by a hail of bricks and rubble, NTV reports

The 29-year-old had taken a break from his place of work nearby and was filming the demolition when he sustained the injuries that would lead to his death in hospital a short time later.

Mr Titov’s footage shows a digger using chains attached to the top of a large brick wall to pull it down.

As the machine slowly pulls away from the wall it begins to crumble before a large section breaks off the top and appears to explode as it hits the ground.

The impact causes the wall to disintegrate and large pieces of rubble fly towards the camera, causing a man standing close to the wall to jump out of the way of the fast-moving cloud of debris.

As the bricks strike Mr Titov the camera suddenly points skywards and a man is seen standing above him calling for an ambulance.

Mr Titov was then taken to a local hospital where he died of his injuries.

Another person was also hurt by the debris but their injuries were not life-threatening.

A regional official said Mr Titov’s death was being investigated as safety rules may have been violated in the demolition.

Mr Titov’s family said there were no warning signs in the area surrounding the demolition site and anyone could have easily strolled into a hazardous area.



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