Lake Tradinghouse Power Plant Implosion – VIDEO

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MCLENNAN COUNTY, TEXAS – Residents of eastern McLennan County were jarred by an explosion Friday morning as a demolition crew used explosives to implode the second unit of the old Tradinghouse Creek Power Plant east of Waco.

The unit was imploded at around 8:30 a.m. Friday as dozens watched, some of whom were former plant employees.

“You’ve seen it constructed, and you ran it, you enjoyed it, you kind of fell in love with the plant you know. To see it go down leaves a lump in your throat,” said former employee R.W. Scott.

Luminant, the plant’s owner, is dismantling the plant, which includes two inactive natural gas-powered steam units.

The first unit was imploded three months ago on March 7.

Tradinghouse is among the older facilities that Luminant owns.

Luminant says it is recycling more than 95 percent of the materials, including steel, copper and parts and pieces of large equipment.

The implosion contractor was Dykon Explosive Demolition.