Demolition of Floyd Casey Stadium underway

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WACO, TEXAS – Demolition is underway on Floyd Casey Stadium, said Brian Nicholson, Baylor University vice president for operations and facilities management.

The stadium should be down by June or July of this year assuming everything goes as planned, Nicholson said.

“I don’t think there’s any reason why the property won’t be cleared,” he said.

Hutchins-based Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition LLC is in charge of the project, Nabors vice president John Satterwhite said.

Developing logistics and coordinating with subcontractors is the toughest part of the project, Satterwhite said.

Before the structure comes down, environmental remediation must be conducted, which includes searching for asbestos and similar hazards, Nicholson said. All parts of the stadium will be sorted as demolition progresses, and as much material as possible will be salvaged for scrap or recycled.

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