Fire breaks out at Purdue University’s ENAD demolition site

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WEST LAFAYETTE, INDIANA – An early morning fire broke out on Purdue University’s campus at the demolition site of the former Engineering Administration building.

The Purdue Fire Department was dispatched shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday when a passerby called to report smoke in the area.

The fire was contained mostly to the roof area of a power plant building and was quickly extinguished. There was no damage to nearby facilities.

Purdue University Public Information Director Liz Evans said the power plant building was vacant and not in use.

“The building is slated for demolition as that site will be the future location of the Active Learning Center,” Evans said.

Firefighters believed a coating from a water tank that was removed from the roof on Tuesday may have started the fire. Purdue and West Lafayette firefighters said they had to change their approach with this building.

“Knowing that the building was under construction the building is somewhat compromised, so we weren’t going to put personnel inside the building,” Purdue Fire Chief Kevin Ply said. “Due to firefighter safety issues, we’re not going to put individuals on the roof so the decision was made to do a defensive operation.”

Fire department officials said a heavy smoke odor may remain for the rest of the day, but there is no danger.