Duke Energy implodes retired Weatherspoon power plant – VIDEO

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LUMBERTON, N.C. – Duke Energy Progress’ demolition specialist this morning imploded the retired W.H. Weatherspoon Plant as part of the company’s longstanding effort to transition to cleaner energy sources.

After more than four months of demolition activity at the site, this milestone dramatically transforms the landscape where the coal plant had operated safely and reliably for more than 60 years.

Duke Energy’s ultimate goal for retired sites such as Weatherspoon is to dismantle the equipment and buildings, and restore the site to ground level. The implosion event at Weatherspoon allows the company to complete the demolition work and begin restoring the land.

Restoration involves filling, grading and seeding the land to prevent erosion and protect water quality. The company plans to complete this phase by mid-2014 and will continue to own and steward the land.

Frontier Industrial Corp. is the demolition contractor and Advanced Explosives Demolition is the implosion contractor.