Demolition Countdown Begins

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OGILVIE, MN – The burned out shell of the former Ogilvie school, now little more than a pile of rubble and a safety hazard, now faces its undertaker in the form of Alliance Steel Construction demolition crews hired by the Ogilvie City Council for the low bid of $348,000.

Residents of Ogilvie have viewed the site since before 2008, when the Ogilvie City Council began condemnation proceedings of the property as it had fallen into disrepair.

In March 2009 the building suffered a massive fire, further deteriorating the structure. The city council made several attempts to have the property cleaned up; all failed until the property was tax forfeited in 2013.

The city purchased the property from Kanabec County, received a $375,000 loan through the Minnesota Demolition Loan Program and advertised for bids to demolish the property.

The contract stipulates that the site must be cleared by Jan. 1, 2015. The site will be revisited in the spring to do any landscaping or dirt work that cannot be done during the winter.

Ogilvie resident Sharon Hess suggested to the council that they rezone the property in a way that is suitable for senior housing, not manufacturing. Mayor Mark Nilson replied that his priority is the demolition of the structure, not what will replace it.

“Let’s just get rid of it first,” he said.