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Tower of old OG&E power plant imploded


Muskogee, OK- An earth-shattering blast Wednesday morning brought down part of the old OG&E power plant across from Three Forks Harbor. A demolition crew planted charges to implode the tallest tower of the old Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. power generating plant. “As far as impact to the community of this old plant, it’s just losing an icon,” said Muskogee … Continue reading

Implosion reduces Lincoln Park Tower to rubble


HAPMTON, VA-  It started with a crowd countdown akin to a New Year’s Eve celebration, but there was no ball to drop. Instead, the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority brought down a building. More than a dozen explosions thundered out from the concrete skeleton of Lincoln Park Tower Sunday morning. After a moment of stillness – and some uncomfortable shifting … Continue reading

107-year-old bridge demolished in Pittsburgh


PITTSBURGH, PA.- A large crowd gathered in Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning to say goodbye to an old friend. The 108-year-old Hulton Bridge, which spanned the Allegheny River just northeast of Pittsburgh, was demolished as part of the final stage of a massive, two-year long construction project undertaken to replace it. To prepare for the demolition, construction crews cleared a 1,000 … Continue reading

Demolition brings down historic Cedar Grove Bridge


CEDAR GROVE, IN. – With two quick cracks, the historic Cedar Grove Bridge crashed down into the Whitewater River Wednesday morning. The bridge dated back to 1914, according to the National Register of Historic Places. Officials closed it to traffic in 1999 due to structural issues. Bryan Wright, a civil engineer who helped develop the demolition plan, said the bridge … Continue reading

Time-Lapse Show 40-Hour Sixth Street Bridge Demolition


LOS ANGELES, CA- Forty hours of bridge demolition work were reduced to eight minutes in a time-lapse video that shows crews tearing down the Sixth Street bridge east of downtown Los Angeles. The first phase of demolition began Feb. 5 and was completed on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. The time-lapse video provided by Caltrans shows a 40-hour window, … Continue reading

ODOT demolishes Oklahoma 51 bridge over Fort Gibson Lake


FORT GIBSON LAKE, OKLAHOMA – Contractors with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation on Tuesday morning used a controlled detonation to demolish the old Oklahoma 51 bridge over the Grand River/Fort Gibson Lake at the Wagoner-Cherokee county line. The Richard D. Newkirk bridge over the Grand River was built in 1949. A nearly $17 million project to replace the bridge started … Continue reading

Demolition of Floyd Casey Stadium underway


WACO, TEXAS – Demolition is underway on Floyd Casey Stadium, said Brian Nicholson, Baylor University vice president for operations and facilities management. The stadium should be down by June or July of this year assuming everything goes as planned, Nicholson said. “I don’t think there’s any reason why the property won’t be cleared,” he said. Hutchins-based Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition … Continue reading

Watch the NYS Fair grandstand implode, crumble in mere seconds


GEDDES, NEW YORK – In less than 30 seconds, the 38-year-old grandstand concert venue at the New York State Fairgrounds imploded into a massive pile of rubble and dust. The push of a ceremonial plunger ignited 268 explosives at 260 different locations on the grandstand, sending more than 5 million pounds of steel and concrete crashing to the ground. Controlled … Continue reading

Dynamite sends Greenfield Bridge crashing down onto Parkway East


PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — The demolition of the 94-year-old Greenfield Bridge occurred Monday morning, as a closure of the Parkway East due to the implosion continues. After five years of planning, the implosion sent the bridge crashing onto the Parkway East in seconds. The cleanup process is now underway.The Parkway East closure, which began Sunday morning, will continue for several more … Continue reading

Time-lapse: Pedestrian bridge demolition


University of Wisconsin- Madison- On Aug. 12, 2015, construction workers used heavy-duty equipment to demolish an aging pedestrian bridge that spanned University Avenue between the Mosse Humanities Building, foreground, and Vilas Hall. The bridge, built in 1971, had deteriorated to a dangerous degree. Replacing the bridge would have cost $1.5 million cost of replacement and was deemed prohibitive, given a … Continue reading

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