19 Story Tower Implosion – VIDEO

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA – The 19-story old hotel that stood along I-85 and North Druid Hills is no more. The Saturday morning implosion went off without a hitch.

The Executive Park Motor Hotel was built in the 1970’s. It’s stood empty for years. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta bought the property for $10 million. They plan to turn the area into office space and parking. CHOA used the implosion as an opportunity to bring the community together on “Cape Day”.

Four-year-old DJ often wore capes during his six-month stay at the hospital after he accidentally swallowed a dangerous engine cleaning material. Now, there’s just one thing left for him to do, and it’s a fantasy for most 4 — and even 40 — year-old boys. As a huge crowd watched, DJ pushed the button that brought down the 19-story tower.

Atlanta Demolition is the demolition contractor and Dykon Explosive Demolition is the implosion contractor.