14 Story Scott Towers Imploded – VIDEO

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GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA — A part of Greenville’s history since 1970 was imploded Sunday.

Four hundred pounds of dynamite brought down the building. The 14 stories fell in about 14 seconds.

For decades, the building has served low-income seniors.

“About three years ago the housing authority became aware of some very significant structural problems with the building,” Cindi Herrera, the interim executive director for the Greenville Housing Authority, said.

Evacuations in the area began at 7 a.m.

The housing authority evacuated 100 people, including those living on the property’s Garden Apartments and nearby homes.

Steve Pettigrew of Contract Drilling and Blasting of Jacksonville Beach, Fla., explained that certain businesses and homes within about 300 to 400 feet of the building were evacuated.

NEO Corporation, the company responsible for demolition of the building, are now assessing the site, and once it has been deemed safe, the site will be turned over to the Greenville City Fire Department. Fire department personnel will then begin using heavy equipment to prep what is expected to be a 30-foot pile of debris for a series of large-scale community disaster response exercises that will take place throughout the remainder of the week. Part of the prep work will include placing props and mannequins in the structure prior to the implosion for tactical search and rescue operations.

Video: View from Sky 4